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Presented Products

E-commerce solutions

I-Manager is an Online Content Management System which allows users to easily create and update both the content and structure (incl. Sections and subsections) of a website at any time.
Target Clients
The I-Manager System has been designed for companies and private users who are in need of regular website content updates, and who are posting up-to-date business information online. This system will help your business expand, making it possible to effectively oversee your website, working online from any place, at the most convenient time for you.
System Functions
I-Manager allows you to:
  • create a multilingual website,
  • create a portal that unites the systems of many websites with different web addresses,
  • give varying levels of access to your website administrators to create and manage a catalogue of subjects, plus the website structure and advertisement systems.
  • update the information on your website (texts, graphics, links etc.) easily and effectively.
System Advantages
I-Manager will empower you to personally manage your website projects. There is no need to hire new people, or provide special training to existing employees.

Trade Manager - a system that helps you to create and manage an e-shop.
By using this system, not only you can create an e-shop but you can also choose its design, structure, delivery, and payment methods. The system can be used in several ways, which differ in the degree of independence that the administrator is granted, as well as in cost. In short, you can choose the variant of "Trade Manager" that best suits your needs and expectations.
Target Clients
The system can be useful by every company that sells products on the Internet.
System functions
Trade Manager allows the administrator of an e-shop to:
  • create a unique e-shop design,
  • select languages, in which the e-shop operates. An easy to use environment for translating catalogue files is integrated into the system,
  • Select the currency in which the e-shop will operate,
  • Create and administrate a catalogue of goods,
  • Offer discounts on different products to different users,
  • View clear order statistics,
  • Arrange deliveries using a convenient logistics system
  • Advertise goods with a banner advertising system,
  • Offer advertising services to users
  • Present additional information, such as terms for selling in the e-shop, information about suppliers, or e-shop news. This can be viewed on the e-shop website (but not in the catalogue of products).

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Bill Manager
This System is designed to provide analysis of clients, services, and financial flows issues.
Target Clients
The system is ideal for companies, which provide products and services to loyal customers with regular, individual balances to pay.
System Functions
With this software, service providers can observe and analyze reports on the following:
  • Financial inflow statistics;
  • Financial inflow dynamics;
  • Billing and payment statistics;
  • Client account profiles;
  • Client spheres and structures;
  • Client running balance data;
  • Technical Equipment spheres and functional capacities;
  • Technical equipment investments;
  • Investment allocation and repayment.
Through the system's online functions, service users are able to perform the following operations:
  • observe personal use statistics;
  • review services ordered;
  • change personal data and passwords;
  • observe running balances, which indicate payments made;
  • observe payment dates, credit used, and balances;
  • pay for services, via the Net, with bank cards.

Payments Manager
Make your payments collection process simple and user friendly. At the same time, give more freedom to your clients. We're proud to introduce our e-payment system, "Payments-Manager", which allows you to reduce the time between service purchase and payment collection, therefore, decreasing collection expenses. This system is convenient for users and serves as a connecting link between the service provider, the user, and the bank handling payment transfers.
Target Clients
Our system is perfectly designed for companies which are selling and providing services, and collecting payments on a regular basis. "Payments-Manager" - is an e-payment system for general services such as:
  • utilities
  • telecommunications
  • various Internet services
  • leasing
  • insurance and other services involving recurring fees.
System Functions
"Payments-Manager" allows users to store information regarding payments, to pay for services, and to monitor the dynamics of the payment indices on the Internet.
Users also have the opportunity to customize the system, thus converting "Payments-Manager" into a program for personal or family budgets. This enables him or her to plan and manage a budget for the whole family--or its separate members.

The purpose of this software is to enable real, secure payments for products or services online. VAM 1.0 allows the connection of e-shops to banking systems as if they were common POS terminals. VAM is an open system, which is not connected to any particular bank. It is therefore able to authorize all debit and credit cards accepted by banks. At this time, payment for products and services purchased online through the VAM System may be made with the following international payment cards: VISA and Eurocard/ Mastercard, plus VISA Electron, Maestro and VB Bank Cards issued by Vilniaus Bankas.
Target Clients
This product is designed for all enterprises which sell their products and services on the Internet.
System Functions:
  • authorizes bank payment cards (what types of cards are authorized depend on the bank);
  • accumulates all transaction information (except card information);
  • has stop-lists for the cards that have been stolen;
  • verifies that payments match the normal spending patterns of clients and controls the amounts of money allowed to be spent;
  • transfers money either automatically or manually (data capture);
  • is able to either cancel transactions made (transaction cancel) or to restore money back to the card account (data void);
  • presents up-to-date statistics.

"Easy show"
In the file archive you will find various kinds of files: documents, photos, images, audio and video records, pictures recorded by the Internet video cameras, banners and other files. Here you can also keep your personal files. Therefore, the archive can be used both for personal needs - to keep your personal files, and for business needs - to sell or buy files (photos, audio and video records, etc.)
For everyone
Most probably, you have collected a number of personal photos in your computer that were scanned or made by digital camera. You can place them all in the archive and create a personal photo album or you can create several photo album collections by placing the photos according to various themes. Paper photos will soon become history because their quality reduces with time and digital photos saved in the Internet database will always remain intact. You can save and keep your documents such as term papers, diploma papers, creative works or even an electronic diary in the file archive.
You can decide whether your files will be available to everyone or only to you and your close friends to whom you will give a password. In such case your relatives and friends will be able to view your files on the Internet from any place in the world.
For the mass media
Media men can obtain the required illustrations for their articles or, on the contrary, save their own photos, audio and video records and later sell them.
Now it is possible to find video records from the TV programme "Naujoji komunikacija" at
For the companies
The employees from various companies can save and keep their documents written in "Word", "Excel" and other programmes; presentations (created in "Power Pont" or even "Flash" programmes), banners, photos reflecting the history of the company, short personal video films shot by the employees about the company's activities and their own leisure time or celebrations and the pictures from video cameras that are installed in the company's premises. If the company is organizing videoconferences with business partners or distance education courses, they can save and keep these records in the Internet archive as well. Foreign business partners will be able to view on the Internet the photos or video records from business meetings that were saved in the file archive.
For the sellers
File sellers are photographers, artists, photo agencies, creators of advertisements and banners, radio and television journalists who can save and keep their works in the file archive and later offer them for sale.

PDS is an information processing system used for the accumulation and analysis, via Internet, of information on orders, sales, and guaranteed services.
The PDS system is an easily controlled business organization tool allowing users to save time and resources. The program consists of several subsystems, the most significant of which are: Products, Documents, Classifications, Users, an Information Access Control System.

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