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02/15/2005  JSC “Skaitmeninio sertifikavimo centras” at the RSA Conference

The 14th annual RSA Conference will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, February 14-19, 2005.

The RSA Conference is the largest and most comprehensive event created for information security professionals - it delivers more learning, networking and product demonstrations than any other security gathering.
Attendees will meet the best and the brightest in the information security industry, both decision makers and technology luminaries. Don't miss your opportunity to learn fresh approaches and develop innovative strategies and tactics to defeat today's biggest information security threats.

Leaders of the following companies will make the reports: CISCO (John Chambers), Microsoft (Bill Gates), Symantec (John Thompson), RSA Security (Art Coviello), Sun Microsystems (John Loiacano), VeriSign (Scratton Sclavos), etc.

“Computer protection is a complex problem and its solution requires efforts from specialists of different fields. Therefore this is a unique possibility to become acquainted with this industry basic development tendencies and to communicate with concrete program and technical products providers”, says JSC “SSC” representative Mudrikas Dadasovas.

“It is important for us to participate in conference debates, and learn new opportunities of world experience. We will have many individual meetings which will let our company improve common cause cooperation. We won’t demonstrate our production during the conference, but the meeting will help us to introduce the partners to our first product: a program “JUSTA – light” created for all digital documents signature. The program is for be assigned for usual and personal users. People can use it without special knowledge. It is important that “JUSTA light” can “speak” a client language; there are Lithuanian and English program versions”.

On January 27, 2005 JSC “Skaitmeninio sertifikavimo centras” (Digital Certification Centre, a member of “Penki kontinentai group”) presented an application for IVPC to register a company providing qualified certification services (digital signatures).

  2007.11.13  Judicial Decision won't Clarify the Disputes between the UVS and the "Penki kontinentai"
  2007.03.14  At the exhibition CEBIT 2007 the "Penki kontinentai" introduces products for global markets
  2005.09.13  BS/2 Wins the Balkans’ Market
  2005.08.09  Lithuanian Video Security System Goes to Thailand
  2005.08.02  ATMIA award – Result of Five Years' Cooperation
  2005.08.02  The Second International Banking Conference in Tbilisi
  2005.05.30  United we win!
  2005.04.06  “Seeing the Invisible”
  2005.03.14  First Golden ATM in Kiev
  2005.02.22  Success story in Kazakstan - TuranAlem bank
  2005.02.18  “Next Generation ATMs in the USA”
  2005.02.18  JSC "Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos" ATMs in Georgia
  2005.02.15  JSC “Skaitmeninio sertifikavimo centras” at the RSA Conference
  2005.02.07  CeBIT 2005 is coming!
  2005.01.13  “Wincor Nixdorf“ Partner Meeting
  2005.01.13  He who seeks shall find!
  2005.01.13  Wincor World 2005: Vision at Work
  2004.11.12  Wild Guesses of “Lietuvos telekomas“
  2004.02.13  Penki kontinentai exceeded its plans last year
  2003.12.10  “Wincor Nixdowf” department in Morocco has ordered “ATMeye”
  2003.11.24  Lithuanian company won the international nominations
  2003.11.13  Solutions for enterprise debit and client loyalty cards
  2003.11.13  BS/2 in Wincor Nixdorf partner meeting
  2003.11.12  Accounting systems for restaurants and cafes
  2003.11.11  Active business engagement of „Penki kontinentai“ in Azerbaijan
  2003.10.31  Views from Nigeria via the ATM
  2003.10.30  Video films at the computer, phone and outdoor screens
  2003.10.30  “Hansa” bank was interested in the latest banking tendencies
  2003.10.30  Lithuania SEB members showed the interest in banking systems
  2003.10.23  The President has visited the stand of Penki kontinentai Group
  2003.10.23  Latvian bank showed interest in the Lithuanian banking solutions
  2003.10.23  “Miss Lithuania” visited the stand of Penki kontinentai
  2003.10.22  New self-service department concept already in Lithuania
  2003.10.20  Data security “Stealth disk” – for the successful business
  2003.10.20  “SERIP” family for data transmission and monitoring
  2003.10.16  First Lithuanian on-line bookstore grows
  2003.10.06  International banking conference comes near
  2003.10.06  Lithuanian company adjusts EMV standard
  2003.10.02  Let’s create a symbol of the Lithuanian police
  2003.10.01  Turnover of Penki kontinentai group increases
  2003.10.01  Website of Alma Adamkienė's charity and relief fund was launched
  2003.09.22  Lithuanian representatives visited Caucasian countries
  2003.09.22  Bulgaria and Sri-Lanka choose Lithuanian ATM security system
  2003.09.17  A kindergarten also wants to be a part of information society
  2003.09.17  "Deutsche bank“ is interested in Lithuanian e-commerce systems
  2003.09.17  New self-service department concept has been presented
  2003.09.03  Today in „Penki kontinentai ONLINE“
  2003.09.01  First time in Lithuania - video art festival
  2003.09.01  The Visit of the President of Lithuania to Easte Europe
  2003.08.28  World Information Technology Forum takes place in Vilnius

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