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Sustainable business

The ideology, policy and practices of the
group of companies Penki Kontinentai reflects its social and environmental
position. Relations with all public, business and government representatives
are based on respect for human, society and nature.

We aim our aspirations at making social
responsibility an integral part of our business and a hallmark of any of our
actions. We strive for openness, transparency and constant sincere dialogue.

We pay attention for ethical, social and
environmental aspects of business, contributing to the general welfare of
the society as an employer, a market participant and a society member.

We commit to be not indifferent to the
interests of society, because harmonious and ethical activity is the highest
value for us. We constantly hear about climate change, the environment
pollution, natural resources depletion, but many people stay indifferent and
take no action to reduce these problems scale.

Our vision, mission, values and strategic
goals have become the basis for creating a special model of corporate social
activity, consisting of four major areas - environmental protection,
relations with employees and society, market behavior:

  • in our activities we use advanced tools,
    technologies and implement processes that comply with environmental
    standards and reduce our impact on the environment;

  • guided by the principles of rational resources use and environmental
    pollution prevention, we try to reduce energy costs, pay attention to
    sorting waste;

  • we support environmental initiatives and take an active part in
    preventive programs to ensure environmental protection;

  • we have implemented advanced performance management and reward systems
    in order to develop personal, professional and general competencies. We
    respect human rights and ensure our personnel’s safety at work;

  • we pay special attention to the employees’ health protecting,
    occupational diseases preventing, physical activity promoting;

  • we strive for the progress of both business and society, integrating
    into social development and contributing to the public well-being, and also
    informing society about the activities;

  • we care about information the society about our initiatives and
    participation in public events. We encourage citizenship, respect natural
    resources and public awareness through active cooperation with local

  • we support and encourage volunteer employees’ activities in the
    public interest;

  • we promote ethical, transparent and honest cooperation with customers,
    suppliers, investors. We cooperate with partners who share our socially
    responsible business principles;

  • we guarantee that all information is provided in a clear and
    understandable way, is not misleading;

  • we condemn and do not justify corruption,
    we strive for its prevention both internally and externally.

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