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SERIP Introduction

The SERIP adapter is designed to connect devices that have serial interfaces to IP (Internet) network.

Lots of devices, such as POS terminals, barcode readers, cash registers, lottery terminals, heat and electricity counters, have serial ports (e.g. RS232 ) that can be connected only to one device for data management and reading (e.g. PC COM port). If one needs to connect such devices to TCP/IP network or the Internet, a serial port is unsuitable and the Ethernet interface is needed.

Moreover, data is transferred more slowly via the serial interface than the Ethernet interface. Specialists of UAB “Penki kontinentai” have designed the SERIP adapter that is connected to serial interface devices and then creates the Ethernet port and allows transferring and receiving data via IP networks.

The SERIP adapter allows trade organizations, lottery business agents, health care personnel, burglar alarm companies, network service providers and many other customers increasing functionality of already existing equipment, reducing charges and time.

One example: big department stores use POS terminals to accept customers’ payment cards. POS terminals connect to a bank via a telephone line and transfer transaction data. Transactions are performed well, however it is possible to use more cost-saving and efficient means of transaction data transfer. A department store (especially the one that has affiliates) is usually connected to the Internet. POS terminals can also transfer data to a bank and perform transactions via the Internet. To do that they need to be connected to the Internet via the SERIP adapter. For performing transaction via a telephone line one needs to pay for time of connecting and data transfer. Internet is more economic to use if a fixed price is paid for Internet services and the Internet is used for other purposes.

SERIP adapter allows connecting trade branches into the TCP/IP network.

Using SERIP, data can be transferred from lottery devices, cash registers, medical equipment, alarm devices, data storage and transfer devices and other equipment that have serial interface.

SERIP can be also used to connect latter-date electronic counters of electricity, gas, water and heat to the IP network. Using only one SERIP adapter you can connect several counters to the IP network, and a service provider can collect all information in a common database.

Nowadays Internet users can count charges for public utilities for their apartment and view their archive of payments at any time at http://payments.5ci/lt, and pay for public utilities at Unfortunately, first you have to write down the counter meterage. If latter-date counters (connected to the IP network) were used, their data could be seen in the Internet at once that could ease payment and counter control.

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SERIP IntroductionThe SERIP adapter is designed to connect devices that have serial interfaces to ...
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