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The ideology, policy and practices of the group of companies Penki Kontinentai reflect the pattern of behavior, when social and environmental issues are added to the Group’s range of activities. In its relationships with all involved members of the public, businessmen and authorities the Group applies the principles of respect for human, society and the environment.

We seek and strive to make sustainable activities an integral part of our business, turning stability into a characteristic feature of any activity. We strive to be open and transparent and to start a continuous and sincere dialog.

When operating, we take into account ethical, social and environmental aspects of business, contributing to the general welfare of the society as an employer, a market participant and a member of the wider society.

We are committed to not being indifferent to the public interests and engaging in socially responsible activities because a cohesive, responsible and ethical business is our largest asset. We constantly hear about climate change, ecology, consumption, environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources, but many people continue to remain indifferent and refrain from any actions that may help to reduce the problem.

Drawing on our values, visions, missions and strategic objectives, we continue implementing social responsibility through targeted activities in the four main areas – environmental protection, relationships with employees, relationships with the public and market behavior:

  • When carrying out our activities, we use advanced tools and technologies, introduce processes complying with the standards for environment and ecology and reducing the environmental impact of our activities;
  • In accordance with the principles of sustainable development and pollution prevention, we engage in cost reduction, pay attention to waste sorting and promote the rational management and use of resources;
  • We actively participate in ecology-related initiatives and prevention programs that secure environmental protection;
  • We use advanced performance management and reward systems, thus allowing for advancement and development of personal, professional and general competencies. We respect human rights and ensure our personnel’s safety at work;
  • We pay a great deal of attention to the protection of health of our employees, prevention of occupational diseases and promotion of physical activity;
  • We strive to ensure a long-term progress of both business and society by contributing to the social development and wealth creation in the society as well as educating the public about the ongoing activities;
  • We take care of education of the public by voluntarily developing our own initiatives and engaging in the public ones. To promote civic duty, responsibility, sustainability and conservation of resources, we actively cooperate with local communities;
  • We support and encourage employee volunteering, pursuing goals useful to the public;
  • We propagate ethical, transparent and fair cooperation with customers, suppliers and investors. We work with partners who help us to implement the principles of socially responsible business;
  • We ensure that all the information is provided in a clear and understandable way, is timely and not misleading;
  • We do not tolerate or justify corruption in any form or shape. We intend to prevent it both internally and externally.

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