New products of "Penki kontinentai" presented at "CeBIT 2000"


Integrated ATM’s network surveillance system

ATM EYE represents the environment intended for creating ATMs network surveillance and security systems. The system is open, scalable, intellectual and programmable.
The system is running on ATM’s PC under Windows NT operation system and is WOSA/XFS compliant. 

ATM EYE allows user easily create customized surveillance and security systems for networks of ATMs integrating in the system different kind of surveillance and signaling equipment (video cameras, different kind of sensors and contacts). The user also gets possibility to create customized logic of tracked events and customized logic of system reactions to them.

ATM EYE has been developed by the two companies “Intelligent Security Systems, Ltd.” (Russia) and “Penki Kontinentai, Ltd. “ (Lithuania).

From programming point of view, ATM EYE is build as the module, connected to the standard DDC/NDC emulation, used in Wincor Nixdorf ATMs. The requirements to the ATM’s PC imposed by the system don’t exceed the requirements necessary to run DDC/NDC emulation on ATM.

The main features of the system’s:

1. The system is fully integrated with the existing ProTopas frameworks;
2. High quality video compression algorithms are used in the system;
3. The motion detection is provided by the way of analyzing the images supplied by video cameras; 
4. All video cameras connected to ATM are fully autonomous from each other (see the Picture # 1);
5. The system supports the voice output;
6. Video journal and ATM’s transactions journal are fully integrated;
7. The systems automatically identify “suspicious” events;
8. The video files of video journal’s can be converted to any “popular” video format (AVI, MPEG, etc.).
9. Different kind of additional surveillance and signaling equipment (sensors, sirens, light bacons, etc.) can be integrated with the system;
10. Ease of change the configuration settings of the system.


"Inspector+" is an integrated solution for CCTV and security systems automation. It bases on PC hardware and Windows NT/998 operation system. "Inspector+" contains all necessary software and hardware for video data processing. The main features of the system are:

Powerful video subsystem with ful set of CCTV features.
High effectual video compression algoritm, video motion detector based on neutral network algoritms separately tunable for each camera.
Flexibility and scalability, unlimited events driving and excellent system automation functions.
Integration in single environment of all alarm subsystems, access control subsystem and building automation.
Modular, open and object-oriented design.


Internet Search Engine "SEARCH.LT"

The biggest and the most popular in Lithuania information search engine and systematic catalogue of links, daily updated with new information resources. This system was built on the basis of the newest computer technologies. It provides an automatic system for indexing the information resources. 
Within of this information search engine are integrated both the opportunities of multilingual simple and advanced search in Lithuanian, Russian, English and German. A unique feature of SEARCH.LT is the possibility to seek for information in the databases of PRESS.LT system - the full-text articles of different publications. Last year this project has won the "Grand Prix" in the yearly Lithuanian WWW projects championship.

On-line News Agency "NEWS.LT" is a dynamic news agency on the Internet, which offers you daily report on the most important events in Lithuanian, English, Russian and German. It has a wide range of themes: businesses, economics, politics, culture, information technologies, Internet, computer technologies, science, health etc. NEWS.LT agency's news are available on-line or prescribed by e-mail. NEWS.LT is an integrated part of information services provided by "Penki kontinentai".
NEWS.LT offers Internet users an opportunity to disseminate their own reports for wide audience of readers. It's a great opportunity for commercial and non-commercial organizations to provide their customers with the latest news about themselves.

Lithuanian Business Information Centre
The Lithuanian Business Information Centre provides information for Lithuanian and foreign business people to assist them in the success of their activities.
The centre offers complex Internet information system aimed at:
· Informing foreign and Lithuanian business people about the country's macroeconomic indicators, laws, investment projects and suggestions, export and import conditions, commercial proposals and consumer requirements 
· Giving a chance for enterprises to present information in the Internet for millions of Internet users 
· Helping enterprises to find foreign partners. 
System advantages:
· All information on the Web is given in Lithuanian, English and Russian 
· There are links from this system to many sites of Lithuanian enterprises 
· All companies are grouped by the activity fields 
· Anyone can place their own information on the electronic LBIC message board 
· LBIC is registered in all world search systems. 

"DEUTSCHLAND.LT" - Information about Lithuania in German

Project is building information exchange bridges between Lithuania and Germany. In the context of the integration of Lithuania in the structures of European Union it's very important to establish uninterruptable communication process in order to achieve mutual business success. One of the most important jobs by starting the investment project is to get all the necessary as well as reliable information about your partners, the economical situation in the state, the local investment laws and rules. The DEUTSCHLAND.LT is especially oriented to the needs of German business interests in Lithuania as well as Lithuanian business interests in Germany.

In the site you can find links to the Lithuania's and Germany's Internet information search engines, a possibility to seek Lithuania's Internet information resources in German with the help of SEARCH.LT. Only here you can get a unique possibility to find needed information from the printed issues in German which are sorted and stored by specialized electronic system PRESS.LT. You can also read about the newest events in Lithuanian, German, Russian and English in the news agency on the Internet NEWS.LT.

Businessman can find the needed information about business development conditions, business proposals and financial situation. Students will find the information about the places and opportunities to study, the tourists - proposals of travel agencies. And a lot of more…

Internet Magazine "SOCIUMAS"

"Sociumas" is an online magazine of social sciences, which writes about things that matter to many of us: children and elderly people, religion and economics, law and morality, love and violence, death and birth, family and school and lots of other aspects of life. The articles of "Sociumas" are about our society and individual living in it. " Sociumas" is not limited only to the discussions of certain questions. This journal deals with the issues, which are pressing to every individual, and is interested in the feelings, views, and estimations of every person. "Sociumas" presents the estimations of different professions, interviews with the representatives of various specialties, and also presents the results of the questioning of the public opinions. The aim of "Sociumas" is aspiration to know the society we are living by analyzing and describing contemporary issues, the perspectives and the theoretical models of the society, the moments from every day life. This electronic magazine is way to gain and to pass the social information, to perceive and react to social changes, to single out the urgent or approaching issues.

Discussion Forums On-line "FORUM.LT"

The Forum-online was created for you to read, compose and disseminate the news, to organize the newsgroups in Lithuania and the world. You can instantly find here the needed information, to publish your news, to communicate with other Internet users. You will surely find the common minders and organize your own discussion. The project Forum-online got popular really quick. Every day more than 2 000 reports in this site are read. The main purpose of creating the Forum-online was to connect the newsgroups of different Lithuanian Internet service providers together. At the moment we have plans to add some of the most popular world's newsgroups like Fido7, Relcom, Microsoft, Linux, Sybase, Macromedia, Powersoft to the Forum-online.

Statistics of Advertising

Advertising is very diverse: advertisements on the Internet, magazine articles, TV commercials, radio programs. The project of advertising statistics is an analytical medium, which provides the business with extensive information of advertising. It enables to measure the efficiency of your advertising, to make analysis of money spent on advertising and see how your advertising looks compared to the advertising of competitors. The system, which operates in three languages, lets the businessman to save his time and money, enables to plan a budget of advertisement campaigns and gain the maximum profit.

Chess Games on "CHESS.LT" 

Chess is an engrossing game of an unparalleled popularity. Chess is not only a game - it is an organic combination of science, sport and art. The goal of the virtual chess club on the Internet is to develop and to popularize chess in Lithuania. It creates a rare opportunity for the players to improve their skills and take part in the tournaments on the Internet.
CHESS.LT is an original product that enables to organize chess games in real time between players of the club. The Java-based application has many advantages: it does not require a special software support, the user needs only to have a standard access to the Internet. Thanks to the search engine there is an opportunity to get all the information published in the Lithuanian press, to get access to articles on chess history.
The CHESS.LT helps the beginners to take the first steps in this great game, and the professionals can find a lot of games of chess played in the last 50 years here.

Acquaintance Club

The Internet is the most modern and popular way to find friend or life companion. A virtual introduction service the "Acquaintance Club" is the best way to do that. The project had been undertakes with the intent of creating friendly Internet territory in which everyone can experience the joy of communicating with his or her soul mate. The club offers many interesting opportunities: subscription to its news bulletin, share the ideas in its notice board, or simple tell a new joke, to engage a discussion on a hot topic with new friends. By filling out the application, the member of the club is able to disseminate an information about him and to get the information about other members, which meet certain criteria and requirements. By entering this virtual world everyone can be sure to find here many lonely souls who will get in touch and make the life joyful!

Windows NT/95/98/2000 Download Centre

In today's age of freewares and sharewares the "LABDARA.LT" is a very popular Lithuanian's file download centre, which contains many different popular programs and utilities for Windows platform: a large collection of computer games demo's, graphic, internet, security utilities, drivers, updates and service packs, web design tools.


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