Smart ATM


The Smart ATM has a number of advanced features integrated on a base of Wincor-Nixdorf ProCash series equipment and ProTop as open software platform. The revolutionary products have utilized a set of advanced technologies, such as image processing and voice recognition. The number of applications on a base of advanced technologies is not limited to the products listed below, but could be easily extended according to the customer needs.

Video Conference


   ATM is not a cash dispenser anymore, but your portal to the digital services. The power of modern ATM is enough to perform a full-screen video in a real time. The bandwidth of modern telecommunication is enough to receive a video stream from the remote source. This gives the opportunity to use a videoconference on the ATM.

   The main advantage of using the ATMs for the videoconference is that ATM networks give the opportunity to spread services widely and utilize the perfect ATM locations. Such opportunity will increase cross selling and offer new sales channels.

   The unique advantage of using ATMs for videoconference is that customers are 100% identified and authorized. Fee for the services delivered to the customer could be collected instantly.

   There are a number of other advantages, too. ATM makes it easy to ‘share’ video equipment and high-speed networks connection among big number of customers. This is very essential for countries or areas where communications are poor and / or video equipment is too expensive.

   Several companies providing different services could ‘share’ the same ATM network for videoconferencing to sell its services. This gives the great opportunity to increase the ATM network profitability.

   The videoconference feature is not limited to ATM equipments and could be used on other self-service devices too. 



   With the ever-faster pace of change in all areas of our lives, demands are becoming more complex. Proprietary solutions were the answer yesterday. Those who want greater scope to maneuver now seek new ways. The future belongs to innovative, flexible systems. Developing a vision is never an easy task.

   ATM is an ideal solution to distribute the banknote-shaped lottery tickets. It provides secure storage for tickets, remote monitoring counter of dispensed tickets and easy tickets replenishment. Wincor Nixdorf ATMs with a big number of cassettes are ideally suits for such solutions.

   The customer that uses this service has the opportunity to pay for the lottery tickets instantly using its bankcard. The perfect ATM locations provide high volume of such cross selling and saves installation and placement expenses. The new channels of selling give the great opportunity to increase the ATM network profitability.

City Map and Flight Schedule


   ATM is usually considered as a trivial cash dispenser. Customers have come to accept ATMs as a medium for routine account balance inquiries and financial transactions.
Now, a combination of state-of-the-art Internet technology and proven self-service systems from Wincor-Nixdorf enables banks to make the most of ATM use by presenting personalized offers and other site-related information to the customers.

   The City Map is an ATM application that could offer customers basic information regarding nearest hotels, restaurants and other services. It could help to City guests to find places of interest in town. The information could be printed out as a coupon on a receipt printer. Bank could benefit from selling such location – targeted advertisements.

    Flight Schedule is just another ATM application that presents flights timetable. It could be used in combination with videoconference to allow online tickets booking opportunity.
The cross-selling opportunities increase added value for banks while simultaneously enhancing the quality of their contacts with their customers.

Voice-Driven ATM


Voice recognition on the ATM will make its use easier and more convenient for the handicapped people. For example - visually handicapped persons are able to use such machines. The voice-driven ATM performs all functions via customer’s voice commands except for PIN entry (for security reasons). The recognized voice commands drive the ATM the same way as conventional keyboard commands. The application is able to support several languages and guides the customer through the voice output process.

   The use of voice recognition on ATMs is yet another breakthrough in the direction of greater use of biometrics and other similar technologies in the ATM sector.

   The voice-recognition machine has been developed by the voice technology center at St. Petersburg, Russia.

Video Security (ATMeye)


   The comprehensive video security software solution ATMeye Family utilizes seamless integration with ATM hardware. ATMeye provides long-term digital storage of event-triggered video snapshots with efficient searching, notification, scheduling and exporting capabilities.

   The system distinctive feature is the economic benefit by cutting down the expenses required for the system operation. The usage of ATM’s hard drive and ATMeye networking capabilities eliminates the need to attend ATM and that way reduces the operation costs. ATMeye fights the fraud and vandalism and helps the bank security service to operate in cost-saving and time-efficient manner.

Summary of ATMeye Family unique capabilities:

* ATMeye Family is the ideal replacement of usual analog video tape recorder with frame-accurate snapshots recording functionality.
* The intelligent frames selection allows significantly reduce the resources required for system operation.
* ATMeye Family monitors events that occur during self-service device operation. The system maintains the video (snapshots) journal. It has the ability to monitor events from external sensors.
* ATMeye Family operates autonomously. The snapshots high compression degree and local storage eliminates the requirement of medium change. Files are stored in JPEG format.
* Up to 4 video cameras could be connected to one device. Cameras could be installed both inside and outside of the device.
* All video cameras are autonomous (independent from each other) and could react on different events according to the configuration.
* ATMeye Family is easy configurable and does not require a deep technological knowledge to maintain the operation. The cost of system ownership is low.
* ATMeye Family has the ability of remote operation. An operator is able to search and download snapshots remotely. That eliminates the physical attendance requirement and saves money and time.
* The distributed files storage and minimum network load allows scaling of the ‘ATMeye family’ easily.

ATMeye Family includes three systems: ATMeye, ATMeye+ and ATMeye+NET that should be used offline, in ProView network and in other networks respectively. The ATMeye Family flexibility allows creating the customized solutions defined by the particular user individual requirements. 

The system allows connecting and controlling of rather generous amount of additional video surveillance devices and signaling transmission equipment.

Currently ATMeye Family has been successfully tested and installed on a number of ATMs both in Lithuania and abroad. Our system has been proven and reliable in banking industry applications.

   ATM Bastion


   The ATM Bastion is an excellent program that allows you to manage the software security on your ATM. It has all features needed to prevent unauthorized access to the system resources. The ATM Bastion behaves like a qualified system administrator and saves your money and time dedicated to security issues.
ATM Bastion manages system accounts, system policy, desktop and ‘Start’ menu entries and the entire ATM application startup.

ATM Bastion gives you the following security enhancements:
* Special account "Gina" for running ATM application 
* The Guest Account is disabled 
* The Administrator account protected with a strong password 
* Special Windows NT policy is applied to "Gina" account 
* Start menu is modified for "Gina" account 
* Desktop is modified for "Gina" account 
* CD-ROM and Floppy disk access are disabled for non-administrator 
* MS-DOS prompt is blocked 
* The application startup procedure is modified to be uninterruptible by CTRL-C and CTRL-BREAK keys combination 
* The system registry file is modified to contain all necessary security data
ATM Bastion has been installed several hundred times in different parts of the World. Methods when ATM Bastion has been broken are unknown.

   Mini statement & e-purse


   BS/2 and Lithuanian bank “Snoras” have introduced the first in Baltic States mini-statement and e-purse terminal. Bank “Snoras” has the biggest ATM network in Lithuania on a base of small outlets equipped with self-service devices. Bank has developed unique Smart Card technology and first introduced it in 1995.

   The terminal is based on a standard ProPrint device. The distinctive feature is a second card reader inside the terminal. This card reader is used to access the SAM (Security Access Module) that is based on a “Key Master” Card. This technology allows easy Key Distribution management as well as offline operations, including offline PIN verification.

   Offline mini statement and e-purse application is aimed to provide additional services to customers and save Bank resources needed to maintain the customer reporting service. Bank “Snoras” has future plans to extend the number of services offered on self-service devices.



   VAM stands for “Virtual authorization module”. This is a middleware server that is used for electronic payments over the Internet. Main functions are the following:

* Payment Card Authorization
* Preliminary checking of card number
* Checking the available sum amount
* Automatic or manual data capture
* Cards “Black List”
* Roll-back the transactions
* Transaction information logging (except for card number)
* Common statistics

VAM has been widely used in number of the online shops in Lithuania, including biggest online books store, flowers distributors, insurance companies, utility payments companies and others.

   The use of state-of-the-art Internet technology and SSL security features makes VAM solution simple, reliable, scalable, user-friendly and secure.

   Print ToolKit


   The Print Toolkit is a set of programs to make your printing on Self-Service devices easy and exciting. The Print Toolkit consists of the two programs, Font Manager and Logo Editor.

   The Font Manager allows you to create a new fonts based on any font (including TTF - True Type Font) installed on your system. It can act as a converter between different font formats (ASCII, DOF, FON, SWF). The resulting font file is ready to be loaded directly into printer without additional conversion.

The Logo Editor allows you to create Logos for a printers, supports different graphics formats and can act as converter as well. It combines simple but powerful pixel graphics editor and set of advanced filters. It has some unique features like creating font based on image. The resulting image files are ready to be loaded directly into printer without additional conversion.


Software Solutions



   PDS stands for “Products, Documents and Service”. PDS is a modular B2B solution that consists of the following modules:
* Documents
* Configurator
* Reports
* Products
* Users & Permissions
* Services
PDS documents system includes the number of document types, such as purchase orders, order responses, customs invoices, commercial invoices, payments, repair orders and other. Customers are able to create documents easily, search, modify, exchange, export and store them in the central database. Each document has it’s own status and other attributes. Documents created and modified using Internet and could be exported as Microsoft Office documents.

PDS configurator is targeted to sales persons for quick proposal preparation and price evaluation. The usual ATM configuration takes about 2 minutes comparing to 20 minutes expected for configuration manually. It saves your time and brainpower for more qualified job. Created configuration is stored as a document within PDS document system.

PDS reports are created on a base of information associated with documents and stored in the central database. Reports could be generated in text or graphical form. The range of reports is wide: oriented to country, partner company, end user, period, sales volumes, products, etc.

PDS products are divided into three categories: model, module and detail. Each product has a unique card with the following fields: name, code, description, country of origin, type, info for configurator, vendor info, etc.

PDS users are divided into groups with different access rights. The right management is very flexible and detailed, allowing different access levels even inside of the same company.

PSD system is an ideal B2B solution for product distributors and resellers.