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  -  CeBIT' 2001Video 56 128
  -  CeBIT' 2000   Flash
  -  CeBIT' 99Video 56 128
  -  CeBIT' 98
  -  CeBIT' 96Video 56 128

  -  2001 m.   Russian   Lithuanian
  -  2000 m.   Russian   Lithuanian

  -  2001 m.   Russian   Lithuanian
  -  2000 m.   Russian   Lithuanian
  -  1999 m.   Russian   Lithuanian
  -  1998 m.

Presented Projects

Web Projects
It is convenient automatic system of input of the information, allowing to collect, process and publish in one place the information from different embassies. In system each embassy can have the webpage which employees of embassy can edit using Internet from any point of the world. Editing does not demand skill of programming. Presence of a computer, and skill to use a browser are required.

Botschaft   KazBalt
Lithuanian Internet resources catalogue and search system. Using this system you may search for information either in all websites of Lithuanian Internet or in specially defined: legal information canter (, attendance statistics system (, news service (, information portal (, etc.
Here You can verify if required domain name is already registered, and if not, You can register it.
Also You can order one of UAB "Penki kontinentai" services.
News service available in four languages; may be used either within or outside organization as means of publicity. Convenient means were developed for creation and editing of pars, and for placement of different pictures. Statistics and evaluation system helps to define popularity of a certain par; for instance, what the most popular topics are, whose items are mostly being read and are highly evaluated by the readers. For users’ convenience search system and individualization means are integrated into this portal.
Information portal available in three languages; this portal contains an electronic magazine in which several articles on different topics a day are published. Magazine desk operates using specially developed virtual system. Individualization means and statistics and evaluation systems are also integrated into this portal.
Press resources system, which includes great number of articles from different popular Lithuanian and foreign editions. This is a very convenient means for the readers to receive all the news and way to sell their editions for the publishers.

Lietuvos Þinios,  Litovskij Kurjer,  Ðiauliø Kraðtas
Specialized electronic magazine on automobiles. There you can get acquainted with innovations in the world of automobiles, get advice, view virtual automobiles catalogue and advertising board.
First e-shop in Lithuania; directly via Internet You can acquire goods “Penki kontinentai” sells (these are books, computers and peripheral equipment, software); following payments cards are accepted while paying for goods: VISA, VB VISA Electron, Eurocard/Mastercard, VB Maestro, VB bank card, American Express, Delta, Diners Club, JCB, Solo, and Switch.
“Penki kontinentai” Internet users’ accounting system. Users are allowed to view Internet statistics and services ordered; they can also make new orders and edit main data. In future it is expected to make payments for the services via Internet possible.
Payments for services system using which it will be possible to pay for utilities: electric power, water, gas, etc. This system will also help to calculate expenses, keep personal expenses records, with the help of graphical representation observe changes in expenses.
Internet-cafe accounting system that helps to define everyday revenue; record visitors’ expenses and apply system of discount on that basis.
Video, audio, pictures and text files archive. In future these files are expected to be sold via Internet in the form of files, compact disks or videotapes.
Attendance statistics system. Every system member places free of charge counter at his or her website; this counter records who, from where and how often visits that website.
Survey system, which can be integrated in any Internet website. Having integrated this system into his or her website the user gets possibility to ask his websites’ visitors any question. Sociologists can take great advantage of this system, too.
 Lithuanian politicians and political parties rating system. Data is provided by “Baltijos tyrimai” and “Vilmorus”
Website for those who are fond of playing chess. There you will find a lot of information about chess, as well as virtual lessons on chess; virtual tournaments on chess are also organized.
 Website of logical games. It is possible to play those games either with computer or with the other players.

CHAT.LT is a virtual chat rooms, where You can speak with many diffrent people about everithing. It is a good place to make new friends.
Chat room can be integrated into a diffrent webpage. For example :,,
Website of the company “Skaineta”, which provides cable Internet services in Lithuania. “Skynet” users can use fast Internet 24 hours a day; watch digital Internet TV, listen to the Internet radio, etc. In future users are expected to be given opportunity to pay for utilities, Internet, etc. via network.
Website of design company “Lietaus dizainas”. At WWW championships websites the company has created were highly evaluated due to their unique modern design.

You are welcome to feel the spirit of tomorrow with  
  Penki Kontinentai, Stand A32, Hall 8