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World's Biggest Information Technologies Exhibition CeBIT 2004 
Takes Place on March 18-24, 2004 in Hannover. 
Most Modern Ideas Available! Welcome to Join the Core of the Occasion!

 Live Broadcast

Penki kontinentai Group invites you to visit its banking technologies' stand

No. C15 in the 018th hall!


At the exhibition CEBIT 2007 the "Penki kontinentai" introduces products for global markets

On March 15-21 the "Penki kontinentai" group will represent Lithuania at the exhibition "Cebit 2007" organized in Hanover (Germany) and dedicated to information technologies, telecommunications and software. The "Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos" (BS/2), the "Penkiu kontinentu komunikaciju centras", and the "Ashburn International" will introduce their most advanced achievements and latest products to the visitors of the exhibition.. The "Penki kontinentai" group is acknowledged as one of a few Lithuanian companies successfully working in global markets, and every year starting from 1996, the "Penki kontinentai" group is taking part in the "CeBIT" exhibition.

At "CeBIT 2007" the "Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos" (BS/2) that has entered the markets of 58 countries introduces unique solutions in the banking technologies sector. The products created by the BS/2 include the "ATMeye" (ATM monitoring and administration system) that has no analogues in the world, the ATM device "ProCash 2100xe" that is featured not only with the cash-out but also with the cash-in functionality. The "ATMiQ" will also be introduced at the exhibition. This is an integrated ATM management system that enables the financial institutions, payment collectors and common users to effectively administrate the existing resources.

The "Penkiu kontinentu komunikaciju centras" introduces one of the most outstanding achievements of the "Penki kontinentai" group – the digital television "Penki TV", the HDTV ( High Definition TV), IP telephony (VoIP, Voice over IP) and other services provided by the fiber optic internet SKYNET and used by more than 80.000 people in Lithuania.

The "Ashburn International" introduces the "Thales" payment terminals and "IPak" solutions integrated into electronic cash-registers. The system is capable to read magnetic and chip cards, it requires the PIN code, and is featured with the additional functions.

The companies of the "Penki kontinentai" group have entered the IT markets of Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, Afrika. In Lithuania and abroad the companies provide services related to such IT fields as banking technologies, installation of the payment and loyalty cards system, the fiber optic network SKYNET (as well as the Digital television and IP telephony), etc. The "Penki kontinentai" group consists of the "Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos", the "Penkiu kontinentu komunikaciju centras", the "Penki kontinentai", the "Ashburn International" and other companies. For 2006 the turnover of the "Penki kontinentai group was 305 mln. Litas. 250 people work in the companies of the group.

For more information about the company's activity and its participation in the "CeBIT 2007" as well as the products that are introduced, please visit the website at Further information for the media:
Ramona Smaidrienė
Head of the Marketing and Advertising Department
JSC "Penki kontinentai"
Phone: +370 5 266 4513
Mob: +370 620 21165

2007.03.14 At the exhibition CEBIT 2007 the "Penki kontinentai" introduces products for global markets

2005.03.12 Sony Ericsson ROB-1 Bluetooth Motion Cam
Sony Ericsson announces at CeBIT the Bluetooth Motion Cam ROB-1

2005.03.12 Online Personal Video Recorder
German video streaming service company TV1 is launching at CeBit 2005 an online personal video recording service called

2005.03.12 CeBIT Hawkers Display Multitude of Gadgets
More is better at CeBIT, but not in terms of size

2005.04.15 Successful replacement project in Latvia
JSC “Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos” (BS/2) and its subsidiary company “Penki Kontinentai Riga” managed to succeed with Latvian bank “Unibanka” for replacing BULL ATMs with Wincor Nixdorf ATMs

2005.04.12 New Data Management System “I-manager“
Company group "Penki kontinentai" presented the data management be the system "I-manager" (“WEB Elements“ technology)

2005.03.23 Successes of Penki Kontinentai Group in Hannover
The largest IT exhibition in the world "CeBIT 2005" has just finished. The company group “Penki Kontinentai” participated in the exhibition for the ninth time in a row.

2005.03.17 CeBIT 2005 - End of the Show
End-of-show report for CeBIT 2005 (10 to 16 March) in Hannover/Germany

We Present
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Loyalty card of center "Europa"
Banking Technologies
Our activity and vision
Our customers
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- Asia
- Africa
E-commerce solutions
- "I-manager"
- "Trade Manager"
- "Bill manager"
- "Payments manager"
- Resource Manager
- "ShowCase"
- WAP Solutions
Internet projects made to order
Telecommunications and data security
- ZyXEL Co.
- Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd.
- IP telephony
- Bull
- Ingenico
Informational web projects
- Ambasada.LT
- Search system
- News agency
- Daily e-newspaper
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