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World's Biggest Information Technologies Exhibition CeBIT 2004 
Takes Place on March 18-24, 2004 in Hannover. 
Most Modern Ideas Available! Welcome to Join the Core of the Occasion!

 Live Broadcast

Penki kontinentai Group invites you to visit its banking technologies' stand

No. C15 in the 018th hall!


2007.03.14 At the exhibition CEBIT 2007 the "Penki kontinentai" introduces products for global markets

2005.03.12 Sony Ericsson ROB-1 Bluetooth Motion Cam
Sony Ericsson announces at CeBIT the Bluetooth Motion Cam ROB-1

2005.03.12 Online Personal Video Recorder
German video streaming service company TV1 is launching at CeBit 2005 an online personal video recording service called

2005.03.12 CeBIT Hawkers Display Multitude of Gadgets
More is better at CeBIT, but not in terms of size

Successful replacement project in Latvia

In April 2005 JSC “Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos” (BS/2) and its subsidiary company “Penki Kontinentai Riga” managed to succeed with Latvian bank “Unibanka” (a member of SEB group) for replacing BULL ATMs with Wincor Nixdorf ATMs that comply with all of the EMV standard requirements.

The story of success has started in year 2003. At that time bank had a network of ATMs from three manufacturers: IBM/Diebold, BULL and Wincor Nixdorf. Each year the oldest and the most expensive to upgrade machines were being replaced.

BS/2 has presented a scheme of replacement where old equipment was sold out to be replaced by new Wincor Nixdorf ATMs. This has greatly eased the troublesome process of getting rid of obsolete equipment. Smooth execution of replacement process in the past led to further cooperation so that now “Latvijas Unibanka” has become a hundred percent Wincor Nixdorf equipment bank.

The decisive reasons to continue the replacement project were the advantages of ProView monitoring system, EMV software compatibility and service provided. ProView software installed in bank systems three years ago was the first of this kind in the whole Baltic region.

“Latvijas Unibanka” is one of the oldest banks in Latvia, leading the financial products and services market.

Latvijas Krajbanka

Following “Unibanka”, replacement of ATMs under the same scheme has started in “Latvijas Krajbanka”. The bank has chosen to replace all of its IBM/Diebold teller machines in need of renovation under EMV standards to Wincor Nixdorf ATMs in 2004.

Rietumu banka

The fourth biggest bank in Latvia “Rietumu banka” which has 11 branches in Latvia and representatives in 8 countries is yet another BS/2 victory in Latvia In January 2005 “Rietumu banka” demonstrated its intention to be the most forward looking bank in Latvia introducing the market with the possibility to view card account balances at “Rietumu Bank” ATMs for VISA and VISA Electron payment cards issued by any Latvian bank.

New ATMs bought by “Rietumu bank” are connected to Monitoring Center located in Latvia. This enables the bank to decrease the costs of transactions and monitoring the systems.

There are over 900 ATMs of various manufacturers installed in Latvia overall. “Rietumu bank” trust in Wincor Nixdorf products is obvious, as its network of ATMs consists solely of Wincor Nixdorf equipment.

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2005.04.15 Successful replacement project in Latvia
JSC “Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos” (BS/2) and its subsidiary company “Penki Kontinentai Riga” managed to succeed with Latvian bank “Unibanka” for replacing BULL ATMs with Wincor Nixdorf ATMs

2005.04.12 New Data Management System “I-manager“
Company group "Penki kontinentai" presented the data management be the system "I-manager" (“WEB Elements“ technology)

2005.03.23 Successes of Penki Kontinentai Group in Hannover
The largest IT exhibition in the world "CeBIT 2005" has just finished. The company group “Penki Kontinentai” participated in the exhibition for the ninth time in a row.

2005.03.17 CeBIT 2005 - End of the Show
End-of-show report for CeBIT 2005 (10 to 16 March) in Hannover/Germany

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