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"Penki kontinentai"
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World's Biggest Information Technologies Exhibition CeBIT 2004 
Takes Place on March 18-24, 2004 in Hannover. 
Most Modern Ideas Available! Welcome to Join the Core of the Occasion!

 Live Broadcast

Penki kontinentai Group invites you to visit its banking technologies' stand

No. C15 in the 018th hall!


2007.03.14 At the exhibition CEBIT 2007 the "Penki kontinentai" introduces products for global markets

2005.03.12 Sony Ericsson ROB-1 Bluetooth Motion Cam
Sony Ericsson announces at CeBIT the Bluetooth Motion Cam ROB-1

2005.03.12 Online Personal Video Recorder
German video streaming service company TV1 is launching at CeBit 2005 an online personal video recording service called

2005.03.12 CeBIT Hawkers Display Multitude of Gadgets
More is better at CeBIT, but not in terms of size

New Data Management System “I-manager“

The I-manager System has been designed for companies and private users who need of regular website content updates, expeditiously present actual information about their activities and changes. This system will help your business expand, you can connect to the system via the internet from anywhere.

I-manager is Online Content Management System which allows users to simple create and update both the content and structure (incl. Sections and subsections) of a website at any time. The content can be represented by different cuts, i. e. simply contribution simulation, contributions simulation at the schedule and many other ways of presentation. The system can be included into the site’s design. This allows observing content change and makes observing easier.

If you want to work with I-manager you need a computer connected to the Internet and capability to use a simple Internet browser. For example, using this system the sales manager himself can access information on the internet about summer discounts, advertising managers can access information about new products and services.

Advantages of the System

Convinience. I-manager will enable you personally to manage your website projects. You do not need to hire new people or provide special training to your current employees. You can chage the content or structure of your internet site from any corner of the world - you only need an online computer. The content edit system itself can be fully integrated into the design of the site. In order to check changes you do not have to open separate windows. Content is edited in an environment which is very much like "MS". Upon installing the system you can choose the funcionality modules necessary for your site.

Confidence and quality. Permanent system supervision, repairs, the newest Microsoft.NET object programming technologies utilization let you realize all your wishes.

Safety. I-manager system is secured from inner and external hackers attacks, from violation of announced information, from server blocking. Some certain appointed users can edit the site. All of them have got individual user ids and passwords.

You can take a look at the demo version of I-manager here >>>

User‘s ID: demo

Password: demo

Projects realized with Online Content Management System:

“E-tournament“ System for Sport Fans >>>

Vivat E-commerce! >>>

CeBIT 2005 is coming! >>>

Wincor World 2005: Vision at Work >>>

Internet Speaks and Shows >>>

2005.04.15 Successful replacement project in Latvia
JSC “Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos” (BS/2) and its subsidiary company “Penki Kontinentai Riga” managed to succeed with Latvian bank “Unibanka” for replacing BULL ATMs with Wincor Nixdorf ATMs

2005.04.12 New Data Management System “I-manager“
Company group "Penki kontinentai" presented the data management be the system "I-manager" (“WEB Elements“ technology)

2005.03.23 Successes of Penki Kontinentai Group in Hannover
The largest IT exhibition in the world "CeBIT 2005" has just finished. The company group “Penki Kontinentai” participated in the exhibition for the ninth time in a row.

2005.03.17 CeBIT 2005 - End of the Show
End-of-show report for CeBIT 2005 (10 to 16 March) in Hannover/Germany

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Loyalty card of center "Europa"
Banking Technologies
Our activity and vision
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- "I-manager"
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- "Payments manager"
- Resource Manager
- "ShowCase"
- WAP Solutions
Internet projects made to order
Telecommunications and data security
- ZyXEL Co.
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- IP telephony
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Informational web projects
- Ambasada.LT
- Search system
- News agency
- Daily e-newspaper
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