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CeBIT 2005 is finished


"CeBIT 2005" modern technologies-for everyone

The largest IT exhibition in the world "CeBIT 2005", which took place on March 10th-16th in Hannover, have just finished.

Closely and with a big interest we watched CeBIT events and the appearance of "Penki kontinenta" during this exhibition. Our informational portals provided all the information about exhibition, and after all this event we hope to narrate impressions and final results of apperance of 5ci by presenting video and photo reportages.


CeBIT 2005


"Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos"
in the exhibition CeBIT 2005

2007.03.14 At the exhibition CEBIT 2007 the "Penki kontinentai" introduces products for global markets

2005.03.12 Sony Ericsson ROB-1 Bluetooth Motion Cam
Sony Ericsson announces at CeBIT the Bluetooth Motion Cam ROB-1

2005.03.12 Online Personal Video Recorder
German video streaming service company TV1 is launching at CeBit 2005 an online personal video recording service called shift.tv

2005.03.12 CeBIT Hawkers Display Multitude of Gadgets
More is better at CeBIT, but not in terms of size

Successes of Penki Kontinentai Group in Hannover

The largest IT exhibition in the world "CeBIT 2005", which took place on March 10th-16th in Hannover (Germany), has just finished. The company group “Penki Kontinentai” participated in the exhibition for the ninth time in a row.

According to the head of the projects department of “Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos” Vladas Lapinskas, the stand of the company was visited with set of eminent visitors, among which: heads of the German company "Wincor Nixdorf" – the main partner of BS/2 – Karl-Heinz Stiller, President; Javier Lopez Bartolome, Vice-president; Uwe Krause, Marketing Director; Andreas Bruck, Director Corporate Communications, etc.

BS/2 decisions have interested partners and clients of the company from the countries of the Europe, Asia, and Africa. The stand was visited with present and potential partners BS/2 from Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Libya, Serbia, Pakistan, Korea, Japan, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc.

The company group has presented the newest decisions in the field of data protection, the program equipment, safety of computer networks, and also decisions in the field of the digital signature and audit of information tecnologies. Electronic keys of safety eToken, intended for identification of the individual user, and also for storage and an encryption of digital certificates, routers and switchboards ZyXEL intended for good safety of a computer network have been presented at the exhibition. Moreover visitors could get acquainted with electronic keys HASP HL, HASP 4 and Hardlock for protection of the program equipment against breakings, system "eSafe", guaranteeing safe work on the Internet.

The E-commerce department of “Penki kontinentai” has presented following decisions and products at the exhibition:

  • Automatic Online Content management system “E-tournament“.

  • Digital TV-studio. “Penki kontinentai“ TV studio provides arrangements for shooting and editing, prepares made to order video footages of different types.

  • E-business solutions (Trade Manager, Bill Manager, VAM).

  • E-school project.

  • Magisterial optical network “Skynet”.

  • IP telephony.

    The products and solutions of BS/2:

  • Center of monitoring with integrated ProView, “ATMeye” and PDS systems in it.

  • Payment for services by self-service equipment “Bill Payment”.

  • Universal teller work place conception.

  • Automatic cashiers’ safes’ system “Smart Safe”.

  • Implementation of money deposit and EMV functions employing PC1500xe with “Side Car”.

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  • 2005.04.15 Successful replacement project in Latvia
    JSC “Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos” (BS/2) and its subsidiary company “Penki Kontinentai Riga” managed to succeed with Latvian bank “Unibanka” for replacing BULL ATMs with Wincor Nixdorf ATMs

    2005.04.12 New Data Management System “I-manager“
    Company group "Penki kontinentai" presented the data management be the system "I-manager" (“WEB Elements“ technology)

    2005.03.23 Successes of Penki Kontinentai Group in Hannover
    The largest IT exhibition in the world "CeBIT 2005" has just finished. The company group “Penki Kontinentai” participated in the exhibition for the ninth time in a row.

    2005.03.17 CeBIT 2005 - End of the Show
    End-of-show report for CeBIT 2005 (10 to 16 March) in Hannover/Germany

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